Bus routes 137 and 138 diverted from 23 October

Update 22 DEC.: buses are diverted  until 3 JAN

Bus routes 137 and 138 are diverted in Matinkylä 23 October-27 December.

Bus 137 is diverted to run along Matinkyläntie and Matinkatu to Matinkylä Health Center, from where it continues along Matinkatu. Bus 138 is diverted to run along Matinkyläntie, Matinkatu, Matinkartanontie and Nelikkotie. Aapelinkadu and Matinkartanontie are not served.

NB! Contrary to previous information, the diversion will be in place from 23 October not from 16 October.

Diversion route of bus 137

Diversion route of bus 138