Changes to neighborhood routes 137, 138 and 148 in Espoo from 3 January

There will be changes to the timetable and routes of neighborhood routes in Espoo when the Matinkylä bus terminal opens on Wednesday 3 January. Neighborhood routes 137 and 138 will start running from via the terminal. In the direction of Kuitinmäki (137) and Matinkallio (138) the buses will run via bay 1, in the direction of Tynnyripuisto via the arrival bay. In addition, the route of neighborhood bus 148 will change on 3 January. The bus will no longer call at Hanuskallio and it will only call at Iivisniemenaukio when leaving from te Kaitaa school. There will minor changes to the timetables. Use the Journey Planner to see the new timetables.

Linja 137 ja 138


Linja 148