Commuter trains running via Tikkurila replaced by buses at night 7-8 January

Commuter trains running via Tikkurila will be replaced by buses on night of 7/8 January approximately from midnight to 4.15am due to repair works. This affects P, T, R and N trains.  Buses 699X and 799X will run between Malmi, Tikkurila and Kerava. On bus 699X, you can travel from Kerava to Helsinki.

Changes to train services

The 00.28am P train from Helsinki will terminate at Helsinki Airport. In other words, there will be no P train from the airport via Tikkurila to Helsinki at 1.01am.

There will be a replacement I train from the airport via Myyrmäki and Huopalahti to Helsinki at 1.05am. I-train from airport stops at Ilmala. There will be a P train from Malmi to Helsinki at 1.16am.

The 0.42am N train from Helsinki will terminate at Malmi. The 0.40am R train from Helsinki is cancelled.

The 1.46am T train from Helsinki will terminate at Malmi.

The 1.14am N train from Kerava is cancelled.

The 3.09am T train from Riihimäki to Helsinki is cancelled. A replacement train will leave from Riihimäki at 3.33am, arriving at Kerava at 4.17am and at Helsinki at 4.53am.  

Replacement buses

The train services not operated will be replaced by buses 699X and 799X. Bus 699X from Ala-Malmintori will leave at 1.05am and run to Kerava via all intermediate stations. NB! There is no replacement stop in Hiekkaharju, the closest stop for the replacement buses is in Tikkurila. Bus 724N from Helsinki goes relatively close to Hiekkaharju station. Timetables in the Journey Planner.

Another bus 699X will leave from Ala-Malmintori to Kerava at 2.08am. Passengers will be able to change to T train at Kerava.

Bus 699X will leave from Kerava station to Elielinaukio in Helsinki at 1.14am. The bus will serve all intermediate stations.

Bus 799X will leave from Ala-Malmintori at 1.03am, running to Kerava directly via Tikkurila. The bus will not serve other stations. At Kerava, passengers will be able to change to R train to Riihimäki.

Other bus services:
561 Itäkeskus-Malmi-Airport
562N Mellunmäki-Tikkurila-Airport
615 Rautatientori-Kartanokoski-Airport
624N Tikkurila-Leinelä
724N Rautatientori-Tikkurila-Leinelä

All tracks at Tikkurila will be closed 00.40am-4.15am due to repair works.

Departure times of buses 699x and 799x

Routes of the replacement buses:

Bus 699X Malmi-Kerava, departures from Malmi at 1.05am and 2.08am

Bus 699X Kerava-Helsinki, departure from Kerava at 1.14

Bus 799X Malmi-Tikkurila-Kerava, departure from Malmi at 1.03am

Stops of replacement buses close to stations