Major changes to departure bays and routes at the Kamppi local bus terminal and surrounding streets from 3 January

The West Metro feeder routes will start operating on Wednesday 3 January 2018. This means that the Kamppi local bus terminal will become available for other HSL area bus routes. Consequently, buses currently leaving from the streets in the Kamppi area, will start leaving from the Kamppi local bus terminal, with the exception of bus 39/B. In addition, bus 62 currently leaving from Elielinaukio, will start leaving from the terminal. Departure bays 69 on Fredrikinkatu, 70 on Runeberginkatu and 71 and 72 on Salomonkatu will be closed. In addition, departure bay 75 (H1222) on Fredrikinkatu will be relocated some 100 meters backwards. The new location is by Autotalo.

Routes and departure bays at the Kamppi local bus terminal from 3 January:

Bay 41: 37 Honkasuo
Bay 42: 41 Kannelmäki
Bay 43: 42 Kannelmäki
Bay 44: 63 Paloheinä
Bay 45: 69 Jakomäki
Bay 46: 70 Malmi
Bay 48: 206 Kera
Bay 49: 212 Kauniainen, 213 Kauklahti

Night buses:
Bay 41: 551N Tapiola
Bay 43: 112N Friisilä
Bay 46: 113N and 114N Leppävaara
Bay 47: 118N Jorvi
Bay 48: 125N Latokaski
Bay 49: 134N Tuomarila
Bay 50: 146N Saunalahti
Bay 51: 147N Kivenlahti
Bay 52: 165N Kauklahti, 173N Upinniemi

Bus departure bays in Kamppi from 3 January

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