Changes to bus timetables in South Espoo from 12 March

There will be changes to the timetables of buses 111, 145, 146, 146N, 165, 531 and 542 serving South Espoo as well as to the timetables of bus 224 Leppävaara–Tuomarila from Monday 12 March.

  • On route 111, the more frequent Mon-Fri afternoon services from Otaniemi start earlier.
  • On route 145, a new late evening service is added Mon-Sat in both directions. 
  • On route 146, a new Mon-Fri service from Kivenlahti at 5.03am is introduced.
  • On night bus route 146N, a new Mon-Sun service from Kamppi at 11.47pm is introduced.
  • Bus 165 starts to leave from Kauklahti two minutes earlier Monday to Friday. Saunalahti arrival times will not change.
  • On route 22​4, new Mon-Fri services are introduced and headways are shortened. The first services from Tuomarila start to leave earlier to enable passengers to change to trains going to Helsinki at Kauniainen.
  • On route 531, a new Mon-Fri service from Tiistilä at 6.16am is introduced. The service replaces a service on route 531B with te same departure time.
  • On route 542, the more frequent Mon-Fri afternoon services from Soukka start earlier.

Timetable of bus 111 

Timetable of bus 145

Timetable of bus 146

Timetable of bus 146N

Timetable of bus 165

Timetable of bus 224

Timetable of bus 531 

 Timetable of bus 542