Changes to the timetables of R, D and Z trains from 25 March

Track works on the main line (between Helsinki and Tampere) will cause delays to long-distance trains from 25 March.

Changes to the timetables of long-distance trains will affect commuter train timetables.

  • The departure times of R trains running between Helsinki and Riihimäki/Tampere will be brought forward by about 15 minutes, with the exception of late evening.
  • The departure times of most D trains running between Helsinki and Riihimäki will be brought forward by 10–25 minutes.
  • The timetables of some Z trains running between Helsinki and Lahti will change.
  • The departure times of T trains from Riihimäki will be brought forward by five minutes, departure times from other stations will not change.

    Timetables from 25 March:

    Helsinki-Tikkurila IPKNTDRZ

    Helsinki-Kerava KNTDRZ

    Helsinki-Järvenpää DRT

    Helsinki-Jokela RT

    From Tikkurila to Kerava and Helsinki Airport