Clocks going forward to summer time – changes to public transport on the night of 24/25 March

Finland will switch to summer time during the night between next Saturday and Sunday. The clocks will go forward one hour at 3am.

Early morning bus services, i.e. Saturday service will run on winter time. See early morning services by route e.g. here.Beginning from Sunday morning service, transport services will operate on summer time.

On route U280, the 4am service from Helsinki to Veikkola (Nummela and Lohja) will operate on summer time, i.e. the bus will leave at 3am on winter time.

Changes to commuter train services

Commuter trains will leave on winter time until 3am and they will run to their end stations on summer time.

After 4am, the following services will run on summer time:

  • L trains from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi at 4.03am and 5.03am (i.e. 3.03am and 4.03am on winter time)
  • T train from Helsinki via Kerava to Riihimäki at 4.16am (i.e. 3.16am on winter time).
  • N train from Helsinki to Kerava at 4.42am (i.e. 3.42am on winter time).
  • I trains from Helsinki via Tikkurila to Helsinki Airport at 4.46am and 5.16am
  • N train from Kerava to Helsinki at 4.14am
  • T trains from Riihimäki to Helsinki at 4.04am and 5.04am (from Kerava at about 4.44am and 5.44am)

After this, commuter trains will operate a normal Sunday service on summer time.