Bus routes diverted in Nikkilä, Sipoo due to major construction projects from 4 June

Bus routes will be diverted in Nikkilä, Sipoo from June due to construction work on a bew bus terminal and renovation of Iso Kylätie. The first diversions will begin on  Monday 4 June, with the rest of the routes being diverted from Monday 18 June. 

The works are expected to be completed in autumn 2018 but the exact dates are not yet known. If Iso Kylätie is not open to traffic by 13 August 2018, also routes 984, 992 and 993 (which only operate in the winter season) will be diverted. 

Routes 986 and 987 diverted from 4 June

The works will begin on 4 June and Suursuonkuja will be closed to traffic. Bus routes 986 and 987 will be diverted to run from Iso Kylätie along Nikkiläntie to the turnaround next to Jokipuisto school ("Pilvilinnantie" bus stop at the end of Puutarhurintie) in both directions.

The diversion will remain in place until October 2018.

The following stops will not be served: "Nikkilän terveysasema" (Nikkilä health center), "Suursuontie", "Nikkilän koulukeskus", "Urheilutie", "Kirkkoniityntie"

Diversion route of buses 986 and 987 in Nikkilä

Other Nikkilä bus routes diverted from 18 June, route 841N extended to Nikkilä

Routes 785, 786, 787, 788 and 985

Iso Kylätie will be closed to traffic to the south of Nikkiläntie and buses can no longer run via Itäinen Jokipuisto. Buses from Helsinki or Kerava to Nikkilä will first call at the temporary turnaround next to Jokipuisto school ("Pilvilinnantie" bus stop at the end of Puutarhurintie) and then continue to Nikkilä bus station. Buses from Nikkilä bus station to Helsinki or Kerava will call at Jokipuisto school.

Bus 788 (Helsinki–Nikkilä–Porvoo) is an exception: when coming from the direction of Helsinki, the bus will first call at the bus station and then at Jokipuisto school. From the direction of Porvoo, the bus will first call at Jokipuisto and then at the bus station.

The diversion will remain in place 2 September 2018. 

Stops not served: "Kuntala", "Kirkkoniityntie"

Diversion route of buses 785, 786, 787, 788 and 985 in Nikkilä

Bus 991

Bus 991 will run via Nikkiläntie and Brobölentie. The bus will have temporary stops on Brobölentie in the direction of Söderkulla ("Martinkyläntien th" and "Vanha kirkko").

The diversion will remain in place 2 September 2018. 

Stops not served: "Kuntala", "Urheilutie", "Vanha kirkko" (on Iso Kylätie)

Diversion route of bus 991 in Nikkilä

Bus 841N

The night bus route 841N will be extended from Söderkulla to Nikkilä and services from Rautatientori, Helsinki will run via Linnanpelto to Jokimäki. The bus will use the same diversion route in Nikkilä as bus 991.