X train services withdrawn from 18 June, commuter trains to Karjaa replaced by bus in the summer

X train services (Helsinki-Kirkkonummi) will be permanently withdrawn from 18 June. In addition, there will be changes to L and Y trains to/from Karjaa 18 June-12 August.

The 11.03pm L train from Helsinki will be replaced by bus between Kirkkonummi, Siuntio and Karjaa 18 June-11 August.
In the HSL area, between Kirkkonummi and Siuntio, the bus will operate under route number 182X.
Timetable of the replacement bus: Kirkkonummi 11.55pm, Siuntio about 0.15am, Karjaa about 0.55am
HSL' s tickets are accepted only between Kirkkonummi and Siuntio.

The Mon-Fri 5.33am Y train from Karjaa will be replaced by bus between Karjaa and Siuntio 19 June-12 August.
Timetable of the replacement bus: Karjaa 5.10am, Siuntio about 5.50am. Y train from Siuntio leaves 6.01am.
HSL's tickets are not accepted on the replacement bus.