Additional bus services to Hernesaari on Thursday 26 July

There will be additional bus services to Hernesaari on route 14X Hernesaari-Kamppi on Thursday 26 July for cruise passengers and concert goers.

Bus 14X will have services from Hernesaari at 07.51am, 08.07am, 08.23am, 08.39am, 08.56am, 09.14am, 09.34am, 09.54am, 10.13am, 5.53pm, 6.34pm, 6.53pm, 7.13pm, 10.16pm, 10.37pm and 10.58pm.

From Kamppi, the bus will operate services at 6.17pm, 6.55pm, 7.15pm and 7.34pm.

In addition, bus 14 will have an additional service from Pajaämäki to Hernesaari at 6.06pm.