Buses 115A and 555 to no longer run to Lauttasaari, bus 104 to start running between Lauttasaari and Haukilahti from 13 August

  • The route of bus 555 Martinlaakso-Lauttasaari will be shortened to Keilaniemi Metro Station from Monday 13 August. At the same time, bus 115A Lauttasaari-Tapiola-Mankkaa will be withdrawn.  In the future, all services between Tapiola and Mankkaa will be on route 115.
  • A new bus route, 104, will start running between South Espoo and Lauttasaari (Lauttasaari-Westend-Haukilahti). The bus will run every 20 minutes Monday-Friday. 

Bus 104 Lauttasaari-Westend-Haukilahti

Linja 104 reitti

Bus 115 Tapiola-Mankkaa

Linja 115 reitti

Bus 555 Martinlaakso-Keilaniemi

Linja 555 reitti