K, E, A and Y trains cancelled, I and P trains running every 20 minutes, R and Z trains stop at all stations between Kerava and Tikkurila

There are cancellations and delays to commuter trains well into Monday afternoon due to an electrical fault earlier in the morning.

All K trains are cancelled but R and Z trains stop at all stations between Kerava and Tikkurila.

Alternative transport links from Kerava

R and Z trains go from Kerava to Tikkurila and Helsinki. R and Z trains stop at all stations between Kerava and Tikkurila.

Bus 633 runs from Kerava to Helsinki. 

Bus 973 runs from Kerava to Korso.

Replacement services from Tikkurila

R and Z trains stop at all stations between Kerava and Tikkurila


Buses 619, 735 and 736 run between Tikkurila and Hiekkaharju.


Buses 631, 735, 736 run between Tikkurila and Koivukylä.

Bus 722 goes from Koivukylä to Helsinki


Buses 631, 735 run between Tikkurila and Rekola

Bus 739 goes from Rekola to Helsinki


Buses 631, 735, 736 run between Tikkurila and Korso.

Buses 633, 731 and 739 go from Korso to Helsinki.

Links from Savio

Bus 973 goes from Savio to Korso and Kerava and further to Tikkurila.

Bus 633 goes to Helsinki

E, A and Y trais are cancelled, U trains operate

Buses  217, 218, 235 and 502 and U trains go from Leppävaara to Helsinki.

Buses 550 and 555 go from Leppävaara to Otaniemi Metro Station, buses 113 and 114 to Tapiola Metro Station

Buses 217, 218, 235 go from Mäkkylä to Helsinki city center. 

Buses 38, 39, 217, 218, 235 go from Pitäjänmäki to the city center.

To travel from Valimo to city center, take bus 37, 321, 322, 332, 345 or 346 running along Vihdintie.

Other alternatives for A trains:

- Bus 550 Huopalahti - Pitäjänmäki - Mäkkylä - Leppävaara

- Buses 217, 218 ja 235 Elielinaukio - Pitäjänmäki - Mäkkylä - Leppävaara

I and P trains are running about every 20 minutes.

The cancellations and delays to train services due to an electrical fault earlier in the morning will continue well into the afternoon.