New bus route 437(K) Martinlaakso-Niipperi-Perusmäki introduced, buses 435 and 436(K) to change departure bays in Martinlaakso

A new bus route 437(K) Martinlaakso-Niipperi-Perusmäki will start running on 13 August. Bus 437 will run between Martinlaakso station and Juvantie using the same route as bus 436. From Juvantie, the bus will continue along Niipperintie, Suopurontie and Perusmäen puistotie to Perusmäki. The new route helps to provide more frequent peak time service (about every 15 minutes) between Niipperi and the Ring Rail Line stations. The new route will operate Monday-Friday at peak times. Bus 437K will serve Juvanmalmi industrial area running along ... Juvan teollisuuskatu, Juvantie, Niipperintie ...

At the same time, there will be changes to departure bays at the Martinlaakso bus terminal. Buses 435 and 436 will start to leave to  Louhelaa and Elielinaukio from bay 13.

437(K) liikennöi Niipperin ja Martinlaakson välin kuten 436(K). Niipperin koulun risteyksestä linja ajaa Perusmäkeen.