Most bus routes to resume their normal routes in Nikkilä on Monday 3 September

In Nikkilä, buses 785, 786, 787, 788, 841N, 984, 985, 991, 992 and 993 will resume their normal routes on Monday 3 September when Iso Kylätie is opened to public transport. However, the new bis stops at the Nikkilä terminal will not be ready by 3 September and the buses will continue to use the temporary "Nikkilän terminaali" (Si2262 and Si2263) bus stops until the construction works are completed. In addition, buses 992 and 993 will no longer leave from the Nikkilä bus station nor run via the "Jussaksentie" bus stop from 3 September. New bus stops "Nikkilän juhlatalo" (Si2312 and Si2313) will open on Uudensillantie. Buses 986 and 987 are expected to be diverted until December 2018.

Nikkilä linjat paluu normaaleille reiteille