Route of bus 57 to change in Munkkiniemi, new stops for buses 58 and 551(N) in Munkkiniemen aukio

Bus 57 will be rerouted to run between Munkkiniemi and Lapinmäentie directly along Huopalahdentie from 13 August. The bus will nol longer run via Munkkiniemen puistotie, Laajalahdentie, Professorintie and Ulvilantie. The aim of the change is to shorten journey times on the route and improve its reliability. At the same time, the bus will start running every 20 minutes on Sunday during the daytime. 

Bus stops no longer served: "Munkkiniemen puistotie", "Laajalahden aukio", "Professorintie", "Ulvilantie 11".

Buses 58, 551 and 551N will start to use the same bus stop in Munkkiniemen aukio. The new stop is located on Paciuksenkatu (H1388, stop on map). Bus 58 will no longer serve the "Munkkiniemen puistotie" bus stop (H1400) in the direction of Itäkeskus and buses 551 and 551N will no longer serve the "Munkkiniemen aukio" bus stop (H1406) in the direction of Herttoniemi and Kamppi.

Following the change, buses 58 and 551, which run to Herttoniemi using the same route, will serve the same stop in Munkkiniemi, improving the functionality of the Munkkiniemen aukio turnaround.