"Töölöntulli" (H1379) and "Tukholmankatu" (H1380) bus stops relocated on Wednesday 5 September

The "Töölön tulli"  H1379  and "Tukholmankatu"  H1381 bus stops on Tukholmankatu will be relocated on Wednesday 5 September due to excavation works. Stop H1379 will be relocated temporarily and it will move back to its original location once the works are completed. Stop H1381 will be permanently relocated some 50 meters. The new location is in front of the R-kioski. The relocation affects routes 4X, 58, 206/A, 212, 213/N, 280, 506 and 551 as well as long-distance buses using stop H1381.

Pysäkkisiirto H1379 ja H1380