Changes to pedestrian access at Kalasatama Metro Station from Thursday 20 September

A pedestrian access from/to Kalasatama Metro station to/from the Redi shopping center will open on Thursday 20 September. HSL will participate in the opening of the new shopping center. HSL's stand will be on floor K1 12noon-7pm. 

From Thursday, there will be a direct access from the Metro station to the shopping center during the shopping center opening hours. The change will not affect bus stops or routes but it will facilitate transfers to buses running along Itäväylä. In addition, links from the Metro and buses to the Kalasatama Health and Wellness Center will improve.

The temporary stairs to the bus stop on Itäväylä will be closed on 24 September. The stop served by eastbound buses can be accessed either via the Redi shopping center (by lift) or from the west end of Leonkatu via the pedestrian and bicycle route. The Redi shopping center is divided east and west wings, with a pedestrian street running between them. The stops of eastbound buses can be accessed by lift from the east wing (third floor). The stops of westbound buses can be accessed using the previous route or via the D exit at the Metro Station.

Kalasatama Metro Station from 20 September:

Kalasatama lähialuekartta