New peak time bus services to start between Espoonlahti and Kamppi on 22 October

Four new peak time bus routes will launch between Espoonlahti and Kamppi on Monday 22 October. The buses will operate in the morning and evening peak, Monday to Friday. At the same time, route 164 (Matinkylä (M) - Kivenlahti - Saunalahti) and its version 164V will be withdrawn and a new route, 124K will be introduced. In addition, there will be major changes to the timetables of buses 143, 146, 147 and 165. Between Matinkylä and Ruoholahti, the new bus services will serve bus stops along Länsiväylä. This means that, for example, in Matinkylä, the buses will not call at the bus terminal but at the bus stops on Piispansilta.

New routes:

  • 143A (Kamppi–Iivisniemi–Soukka),
  • 146A (Kamppi–Espoonlahti–Kivenlahti),
  • 147A (Kamppi–Soukka–Laurinlahti)
  • 164A (Kamppi–Kivenlahti–Saunalahti), 164VA  (Kamppi–Kiviruukki–Saunalahti)

Suorat linjat reitti Espoonlahti-Kamppi

Routes 143A (Kamppi–Iivisniemi–Soukka) and 147A (Kamppi–Soukka–Laurinlahti)

Buses 143A and 147A will provide a direct transport link from Laurinlahti and Soukka to Kamppi at peak times. The buses will run every 15 minutes, with combined headways of 7.5 minutes. The existing feeder services 143 (Soukaniemi-Soukka-Iivisniemi-Matinkylä) and 147 (Kivenlahti-Laurinlahti-Soukka-Iivisniemi-Matinkylä) will run less frequently, going from every 10 minutes to every 15 minutes, with combined headways of 7.5 minutes. 

Linjan 143A reitti

Linja 147A reitti

Route 146A (Kamppi–Espoonlahti–Kivenlahti)

Bus 146A will run between Kivenlahti and Kamppi every 10 minutes at peak times. At the same time, feeder service 146 (Kivenlahti-Espoonlahti-Matinkylä (M)), will run less frequently, going from every 5 minutes to every 10 minutes at peak times. Buses 146 and 146A will have 5-minute combined headways.

Linjan 146A reitti

Routes 164A/VA (Kamppi–Kivenlahti–Saunalahti) and 124/K (Tapiola - Niittykumpu–Espoonlahti–Tillinmäki/Saunaniemi)

Bus 164A will run between Saunalahti and Kamppi every 15 minutes at peak times. Route 164VA will run via Ruukintie, in the morning from Kamppi to Saunalahti and in the afternoon from Saunalahti to Kamppi.

Feeder services 164 (Matinkylä (M)–Kivenlahti–Saunalahti) will be withdrawn. Route 165 will run more frequently off-peak, with buses every 15 minutes during the daytime, in the evening and on Saturdays and every 30 minutes at quiet times. Because the new route 164A will only run at peak times, every other bus on route 124 will run from Saunalahti to Saunaniemi instead of Tillinmäki, with the route number 124K.

Linja 164VA reittiLinja 164A reitti

Linja 124 reitti

Timetables from 22 October

The timetables for the new routes will be available in the Journey Planner in week 39. Printable timetables valid from 22 October are available below.

PDF icon124/K Tapiola-Niittykumpu-Espoonlahti-Tillinmäki/Saunalahti

PDF icon143 Matinkylä-Soukanniemi PDF icon143A Kamppi-Iivisniemi-Soukka

PDF icon146 Matinkylä-Espoonlahti-Kivenlahti PDF icon146A Kamppi-Espoonlahti-Kivenlahti

PDF icon147 Matinkylä-Iivisniemi-Soukka-Laurinlahti-Espoonlahti PDF icon147A Kamppi-Soukka-Laurinlahti-Espoonlahti

PDF icon164A Kamppi-Kivenlahti-Saunalahti

PDF icon165 Matinkylä-Kivenlahti-Saunalahti-Kauklahti