Longer E and U trains at peak times from Monday 29 October

From Monday 29 October, some E and U trains will be operated with three-unit Flirt trains Monday to Friday at peak times due to increased passenger numbers. There will be changes to exiting trains at Jorvas, Tolsa and Kirkkonummi stations, as well as changes to departure platforms at Helsinki Central Railway Station.

E and U trains operated with three-unit Flirt trains from Monday 29 October:

  • From Helsinki, U trains at 6.42am, 3.42pm and 4.12pm and E train at 7.27am
  • From Kirkkonummi to Helsinki, U trains at 7.37am, 4.37pm and 5.07pm (from Kauklahti at 7.49am, 4.49pm and 5.19pm)
    • From Kauklahti to Helsinki, E train at 8.05am

Because of the short platform at Jorvas station, the last unit of trains from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi will be emptied at Masala. Passengers going to Jorvas or other stations after Masala are advised to travel in the first unit or in the front of the middle unit, i.e. northern end of the trains from Helsinki and Pasila. When leaving from Kirkkonummi to Helsinki, the last unit of trains operated with three units will be closed until Masala. There will be conductors on the three-unit trains to assist passengers.