"Lammaskuja" bus stop in Pähkinärinne closed from 7 December

Update: The stop will reopen on Monday 21 October.

The "Lammaskuja" bus stop (V1209) in Pähkinärinne, Vantaa will be closed for about 10 months from 7 December due to contruction work.

Buses 313 to Hämeenkylä, 335 to Askisto, 436N to Kalajärvi and 571 to Varisto will be using the "Lammaskuja" stop V1238) located further down Lammaslammentie.

There will be no replacement stop for buses 311, 311A, 322 and 345N. The closest stops will be "Karhunkierros" (V1207) before Lammaskuja and "Pähkinätie" (V1218) after Lammaskuja.

Updated stop information is available in the Journey Planner: www.reittiopas.fi