Additional bus services to Seurasaari on 16 December

HSL will provide additional bus services on Sunday 16 December to a Christmas event taking place in Seurasaari.  Additional services will be provided by bus 24S, which will run between Postitalo and Seurasaari. The first service will leave from the "Postitalo" bus stop (H2038) at 11.20am and the last service from Seurasaari will leave at 6.39pm. 

Tamminiementie and Seurasaarentie will be made one-way 8am-6pm. Buses 24 and 24S will run to Seurasaari from Paciuksenkatu via  Munkkiniemen aukio and Ramsaynranta to Tamminiementie. The "Heikinniementie" H1299, "Ruutikellarit" H1297, "Mäntyniemi" H1295 and "Humallahti" H1293 bus stops will not be served.

Routes of buses 24 and 24S on Sunday 16 December 8am-6pm