Changes to bus services in North Espoo, U line bus 335 to be withdrawn from 1 January 2019

There will be changes to bus services in North Espoo from 1 January 2019. U line bus routes 355 and 355T from Helsinki via Lahnus to Klaukkala will be withdrawn. The withdrawal is related to the new public transport contract concluded by Nurmijärvi, which will take effect from 1 January 2019. HSL will replace the discontinued services by buses 348 and 349. Their routes and timetables will change.

Buses 348 and 349 will serve the area between Lahnus and the border of Nurmijärvi Monday to Friday. The operating hours of the routes will be extended and services on the routes will be increased. Bus services from Koirankorpi to Kalajärvi will run approximately every 60 minutes in the morning and early evening and approximately every 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon peaks. In Kalajärvi, passengers can change to buses going to Helsinki city center, Leppävaara and Espoon keskus as well as to the Ring Rail Line stations.

In addition to the school services, new routes, 348K (Rinnekoti - Vihdintie - Hännikäinen - Kalajärvi) and 348BK (Hännikäinen - Kalajärvi) will be introduced.

The route of bus 349 will not change but new services will be added on routes 349B and 349BK. The operating hours of buses 348 and 349 will be extended and in the future, the buses will operate 6am-9pm.

The buses will also operate in the summer months and during school breaks. However, they will not run on weekends.

The timetables of buses 348 and 349 have been planned taking into account the timetables of bus 345 (Elielinaukio - Kalajärvi - Rinnekoti) in order to enable smooth interchanges between the buses in both directions. Passengers can change buses in Kalajärvi or Lahnus.

Table showing interchanges on schooldays and during school breaks:

Interchanges on schooldays and during school breaks

Timetables of buses 348 and 349 from 1 January 2019:
Timetables of bus 348 on schooldays

Timetables of bus 348 during school breaks

Timetables of bus 349 on schooldaysaikataulu koulupäivinä

Timetables of bus 349 during school breaks

Route of bus 348 from 1 January 2019