New bus and tram stops for Eira Hospital to open on Friday 21 December and changes to bus stops

New tram and bus stop for Eira Hospital will open on 21 December and there will be a number of changes to the stops served by different routes. The changes will affect tram routes 1 and 3 as well as bus routes 14, 18, 18N and 21.

  • The "Eiran sairaala" stop (H0442) will be relocated to Laivurinkatu. In the future, trams 1 and 3 will serve this stop.
  • The "Eiran sairaala" stop (H1175) will be closed and buses 18 and 21 will use the new stop H0442 on Laivurinkatu.
  • The "Tehtaanpuisto" stop (H1179) will be closed and buses 14 and 18N will use the new stop H0442 on Laivurinkatu.
  • The "Tehtaanpuisto" stop (H1180) will be renamed "Eiran sairaala" (H0449). The stop is served by tram 1 and buses 14 and 18N.

The "Eiran sairaala"  (H1175) and "Tehtaanpuisto" (H1179) bus stops will be permanently closed.

Stops, tram and bus routes in the area from 21 December.

Eiran sairaalan pysäkit 21.12. alkaen