A train services resuming from 9.04am

Update 8.50am: A train services resume from 9.04am. However, service delays and disruptions may continue.

A trains between Helsinki and Leppävaara are cancelled on Friday 1 February from 6.14am until further notice due to a rail system failure. In addition, there may be delays of 5-10 minutes to I and P trains. E, U and Y trains are running as usual.

Alternative transport options from stations between Leppävaara and Pasila:

Leppävaara station:

Turuntie, platform 31:

  • Buses 217, 218 and 235 to Helsinki via Pitäjänmäentie

Ring Road I, platform 42:

  • Bus 550 to Itäkeskus via Pitäjänmäentie

Mäkkylä station

Turuntie, platform 12:

  • Buses 217, 218, 235 to Helsinki via Pitäjänmäentie
  • Bus 550 to Itäkeskus via Pitäjänmäentie and Huopalahti station

Pitäjänmäki station

Pitäjänmäentie, platform H1524:

  • Bus 39 to Kamppi
  • Buses 217, 218, 235 to Helsinki via Pitäjänmäentie
  • Bus 550 to Itäkeskus via Huopalahti station

Valimo station

Vihdintie, stop H1566 "Vihdintien silta":

  • Buses 321, 322, 332 and 345 to Helsinki

Huopalahti station

I and P trains

Eliel Saarisentie tunnel, stop H1631 "Huopalahden asema":

  • Bus 41 to Kamppi
  • Bus 550 to Itäkeskus and Leppävaara

Ilmala station

  • I and  P trains

Pasila station

E, U, I and P trains

Helsinki Central Railway Station

E, U,  I and P trains

Elielinaukio, platforms 22, 23 and 24:

  • Buses 217, 218 and 235 to Leppävaara
  • Buses 321, 322, 332 and 345 to Vihdintie