Changes in Herttoniemi from 25 February - New bus route, 88B, to Kruunuvuorenranta and changes to departure platforms

A new bus route, 88B, will start running between Herttoniemi and Kruunuvuorenranta from 25 February to improve public transport service in Kruunuvuorenranta. Bus 88B will operate the route of bus 88 Monday to Friday at peak times in the direction of rush-hour traffic to the "Haakoninlahdenkatu" bus stop, which is the terminus of the route. In the morning, the bus will run to Herttoniemi 7.07am-9.20am and in the afternoon, it will run to Kuuruvuorenranta 2.47pm-5.35pm.

At the same time, there will changes to the timetables of buses 84 and 88:

  • Buses 88 and 88B will provide more frequent service: at peak times in the direction of rush-hour traffic, the buses will run every 6 minutes, during the daytime every 10 minutes, in the evenign every 15-20 minutes, on Saturdays every 10 minutes and on Sundays every 15 minutes. In the future, every other service on route 88 will operate under route number 88B
  • Bus 84 will operate less frequently, with 6-minute headways instead of 5-minute headways. In the opposite direction of rush-hour traffic, bus 84 will run more frequently, with 6-minute headways instead of 10-minute headways. In the evening, bus 84 will run every 15-20 minutes and on Sundays every 15 minutes. 


New departure platforms in Herttoniemi from 25 February

There will be changes to departure platforms in Herttoniemi as buses 84 and 88 will need designated departure platforms because of their frequent service:

  • Platform 2: buses 80 and 82/B to Itäkeskus (bus 81 movers to platform 12)
  • Platform3: bus 84 to Gunillankallio (buses 80, 82, 82B move to platform 2)
  • Platform 4: bus 88 to Kaitalahti and 88B to Kruunuvuorenranta (buses 85B and 89 move to platform 6 and bus 802 will only use platform 13)
  • Platform 5: bus 85 to Jollas and 86 to Santahamina (no changes)
  • Platform 6: bus 85B to Jollas, 89 to Yliskylä and 802 to Jollas (bus 84 moves to platform 3 and bus 88 to platform 4)
  • Platform12: bus 81 to Kulosaari (bus 812 will only use platform 13)
  • Platform 13: bus 81 to Länsi-Herttoniemi, 90N to Vuosaari, 802 to Itäkeskus and 812 to Mellunmäki (no changes)

Herttoniemessä lähtölaiturit 25.2. alkaen: mm. 88 laiturista 4