Reduced N train service on Sunday 3 February due to maintenance

N trains will operate a reduced service running every 30 minutes on Sunday 3 February due to snow clearance works between Koivukylä and Savio.

  • The trains depart from Helsinki at 28 and 58 minutes past the hour 9am-10pm 
  • The trains leave from Kerava at 12 and 42 minutes past the hour 10am-11pm

At other times, the N trains will run as usual. The reduced service is necessary so that the station platforms and tracks can be cleared of snow. In addition, snow clearance works at the Helsinki Central Railway Station will cause changes to train departure platforms and passengers are advised to check the departure platforms on the station displays.

Unfortunately, bus services cannot be adjusted to the reduced train service at such a short notice. However, there are direct bus service, for example, in the catchment areas of Korso and Koivukylä stations to Tikkurila. I and P trains are expected to operate as usual.

Buses to Tikkurila:

  • 624 Tikkurila - Ilola - Leinelä - Koivukylä station - Päiväkumpu
  • 631 Tikkurila - Koivukylä station  - Korso -  Kulomäki
  • 735 Tikkurila - Koivukylä station - Korso - Mikkola
  • 736  Tikkurila - Hiekkaharju - Leinelä - Koivukylä station - Nikinmäki - Korso - Vierumäki

In addition, there are direct bus service to Helsinki:

  • 623 Hakaniemi - Leinelä - Koivukylä station - Peijas
  • 722 Rautatientori - Honkanummi – Havukoski
  • 724 Rautatientori - Jokiniemi - Havukoski - Päiväkumpu
  • 731 Rautatientori - Mikkola - Korso - Kulomäki