K and I trains not stopping between Oulunkylä and Tikkurila on 28 March

Commuter trains I and K are not stopping at Pukinmäki, Malmi, Tapanila and Puistola due to track fault. After Oulunkylä, the next stop for trains from Helsinki is Tikkurila. Passengers going to the intermediate stations can take a train going to Helsinki from Tikkurila and exceptionally travel with Helsinki internal tickets. Passengers going from the intermediate stations to Tikkurila or Helsinki Airport must travel via Oulunkylä or Pasila.

Every other K train from Helsinki and Kerava is cancelled. K trains depart from Helsinki and Kerava at 01, 21 and 41minutes past the hour.

The disruption is expected to continue until 2pm.
All I and P trains are running.