Two services on routes 986 and 986B to depart from stop Si2213 from Monday 11 March

From Monday 11 March, the 1.10pm service on route 986 and 2.10pm service on route 986B will depart from the "Martinkyläntie th" bus stop (Si2213). They will run via Nikkilä bus terminal, bay 5, where they will be two minutes after their departure time at "Martinkyläntien th". 

In addition, the 1.30pm service on route 987BB from Nikkilä bus terminal to Laukkoski will start leaving five minutes earlier at 1.25pm. The changes are made to improve public transport links from Leppätie school to Paippinen.

Linjojen 986, 986B ja 987BB muutamat lähdöt lähtevät pysäkiltä Martinkyläntien th