Major disruptions to commuter train services on 1 April. Normal service resuming

There were delays and cancellations to K, R, A, E, U, Y, Z,  P and I trains due to traffic control systeym failure on the morning of 1 April. Normal service is resuming, but delays and service alterations are expected to continue approximately until 2pm.

Use the Journey Planner to find alternative routes (untick the train option).

Although commuter train services have resumed, replacement buses continue to run until 2pm.

Bus 562 runs to the airport.

Alternative transport links:

To Leppävaara 217, 218, 235, 550.

To Helsinki Airport 615, 615X, 617. In addition, bus 562 runs ftom Tikkurila.

Buses 611 and 611X run to Tikkurila. Bus 611X starts running from 12 noon.

To Kerava: 633, 738, 738X. Bus 738X starts running from Kerava after 11.20am.