Bus diversions in Suutarila 7-9 June

Bus routes 79, 79N, 611 and 611B will be diverted in Siltamäki and Suutarila from Friday 7 June 6pm to Sunday 9 June end of service. The buses will not run via Revontulentie and Kiertotähdentie. Instead, the buses will run in both direcions via the terminus of bus 61 at the end of Riimusauvantie. The last services to run as usual on Friday 7 June will be: route 79, 5.48pm from Puistola and 5.10pm from Herttoniemi; route 611,  5.13pm from Rautatientori and 5.33pm from Tikkurila.

The following stops will not be served: "Siltamäki" (H3285), "Kiertotähdenkuja" (H3286 and H3287), "Häräntie" (H3288 and H3289), "Revontulentie" (H3290 and H3291) and "Vaskipellontie" (H3292). The "Vaskipellontie" stop (H3293) will be temporarily relocated som 50 meter forward. The buses will serve the "Suutarilantie" (H3317 and H3318) and "Vaskipellontie"  (H3361) stops along the diversion route.

The stop relocation is due to excavation work at the junction of Revontulentie and Suutarilantie.