Tram routes 2 and 7 diverted in Pasila 3 June - 11 August

Tram routes 2 and 7 will be diverted from Monday 3 June to Sunday 11 August. Tram 2 will run to Kuusitie in Meilahti, while tram 7 will terminate in Itä-Pasila. Bus 2X will replace tram services between the "Kansaneläkelaitos" stop and Pasila. At the same time, the timetables for tram 3 will change.

The diversions are due to construction on the new public transport terminal at Pasila station due to open in autumn 2019. There will be changes to traffic arrangements again on 20 July. 

Raitiolinjat 2 ja 7 poikkeusreitillä Pasilassa 3.6.-11.8., puuttuvaa osuutta korvaa bussi 2X.

Link to a larger map:
Tram routes 3 June-28 July 2019


Diversion route of tram 2

Route of tram 2 from 3 June to 11 August: Olympia Terminal – Lasipalatsi – Töölö – Meilahti

Tram 2 will run as usual until the "Kansaneläkelaitos" stop, from where it will continue to Kuusitie in Meilahti. In other words, the tram will not serve Länsi-Pasila.

The following stops will not be served: "Auroran sairaala", "Eläintarha", "Palkkatilanportti" and "Maistraatintori".


Diversion route of tram 7

Route of tram 7 from 3 June to 28 July: West Terminal – Kamppi – Central Railway Station – Kruununhaka – Kallio – Itä-Pasila

Tram 7 will run as usual to Pasila station, from where it will turn back along Asemapäällikönkatu. The tram will not serve Länsi-Pasila.

The following stops will not be served: "Kyllikinportti", "Maistraatintori", "Pasilan asema" (H0611 to the east of Ratapihantie), "Messukeskus" (H0613 to the south of Rautatieläisenkatu), "Kellosilta" (H0615 to the west of Ratamestarinkatu).


Replacement bus 2X

The route of replacement bus 2X from 3 June to 11 August:  Lasipalatsi – Mannerheimintie – Länsi-Pasila – Pasila station

The best place to get on bus 2X in the city center is the "Lasipalatsi" stop on Mannerheimintie in front of the Sokos department strore  (H1903). The bus will run from Lasipalatsi along Mannerheimintie to Nordenskiöldinkatu, from where it will continue to Länsi-Pasila and Pasila station using the route of trams 2 and 7.

When arriving at Pasila station, the bus will stop at the Pasila station stop on Asemapäällikönkatu. The bus will depart from the stop of tram 7 (H0620) on Ratapihantie.

If you are going to Pasilaan, we advise you to take bus 2X from the city center, if possible, or to change from tam to bus 2X at the "Ooppera" stop. Bus 2X will stop at stop H1999 next to the tram stop, usually served by long-distance coaches.

If you are going from Pasilas to Töölö, change from the bus to tram 2 at the "Töölön kisahalli" stop, which is only a short walk from the tram stop.

Bus 2X will stop at bus stops along Mannerheimintie, Nordenskiöldinkatu and Veturitie. In Länsi-Pasila, the bus will serve tram stops. For detailed stop information, see below.

If you have a valid ticket, you can board the bus also through the middle doors.

Stops served by bus 2X

The departure and end stop of the bus will be at the "Postitalo" stop H2038. (link to Journey Planner)

Lasipalatsi (in the direction of Pasila)
The stop is on Mannerheimintie in front of the Sokos department store (H1903). (link to Journey Planner)

Kansallismuseo (National Museum)
Bus stops H1906 (link) and H1907 (link) on Mannerheimintie.

Hesperian puisto (Hesperia Park)
Bus stops H1908 (link) and H1911 (link) on Mannerheimintie.

Ooppera (in the direction of Pasila)
The replacement bus will use stop H1999 usually served by long-distance coaches (link). The stop is next to the tram stops.

Töölön kisahalli (replaces the "Töölön halli" tram stop)
Bus stops H1913 (link) and H1914 (link) on Mannerheimintie.

Jäähalli (replaces the "Kansaneläkelaitos" tram stop)
"Jäähalli" stops H2069 (link) and H2070 (link) on Nordenskiöldinkatu.

Auroran sairaala (Aurora Hospital)
Bus stops H2072 (link) and H2073 (link) on Nordenskiöldinkatu.

In the direction of Pasila, bus stop H2109 (link) on Veturitie and in the direction of Lasipalatsi bus stop H2074 (link) on Nordenskiöldinkatu.

The bus will serve the stops of tram 2, H0603 (link) and H0604 (link) in both directions.

The bus will serve the stops of trams 2 and 7, H0605 (link) and H0606 (link) in both directions.

The bus will serve the stops of tram 7, H0607 (link) and H0608 (link) in both directions.

Pasilan asema (Pasila station)
When arriving to Pasila station,the bus will stop at the "Pasilan asema" stop H2164 (link) on Asemapäällikönkatu.
The bus will leave to Lasipalatsi from the stop of tram 7 H0620 (link) on Ratapihantie.