Bus route 322 diverted in Martinlaakso 22–26 July

Bus route 322 will be diverted in Martinlaakso 22 July 8am to 26 July 3pm due to Raappavuorentie being partly closed to traffic.

In the direction of Vantaankoski, bus 322 will run along Raappavuorentie, Ring Road III, Sanomatie and Martinkyläntie to Vantaankoski station.

From Vantaankoski station, the bus will run along Martinkyläntie, Sanomatie and Ring Road III to Petikontie, from where it will join its normal route.

The bus will serve the "Myllyniitynkuja" (V1788), "Sanomatie" (V1786 and V1787) and "Voimalantie" (V1451) bus stops along the diversion route. The bus will not serve the "Voimalantie" (V1448 and V1449), "Martinkyläntie" (V1731 and V1714), "Myllynkivenkuja" (V1736 and V1737) and "Kivivuorentie" (V1742) stops.

Linja 322 ajaa poikkeusreittiä Martinlaaksossa 22.-26.7.