Bus routes 238(T) and 242 diverted in Espoo 15-25 July due to resurfacing work

Heinästie in Espoo will be closed to traffic 15 to 25 July due to resurfacing work. Bus routes 238, 238T and 242 will be diverted to run from Nupurintie to Siikajärventie.

The following stops will not be served:

  • "Kotihaka" (E6927 and E6928)

  • "Kotimäki" (E6925 and E6926)

  • "Uusipelto" (E6923 and E6924)

  • "Hirsnummi" (E6933 and E6934)

  • "Sahajärventie" (E6921 and E6922)

  • "Nuuksion koulu" (E6919 and E6920)

  • "Kihi" (E6931 and E6932)

  • "Nikulanmäki" (E6440 and E6441)

  • "Heikkilä" (E6451 and E6452)

  • "Stormbacka" (E6449 and E6450)

  • "Brobackanpiha" (E6448 and E6453)

  • "Kuusikoti" (E6438 and E6439)

  • "Nupurin kappeli" (E6454 and E6455)

The diversion route is the same as the normal route of bus 238K.