Bus routes 58 and 551 to be converted into trunk routes 500 and 510 from 12 August

HSL’s trunk route network will expand with two new bus routes when route 58 is converted into trunk route 500 and route 551 into trunk route 510 from 12 August. The timetables and routes of the buses will not change but the number of stops served will decrease to speed up journey times.

The buses will be colored orange like other trunk routes. Passengers can also board the buses through middle doors. Later in the autumn, when the new Pasila station and public transport terminal are completed, the buses will be rerouted to run along Aleksis Kiven katu.

At the same time, night bus 551N running between Kamppi and Westendinasema will be renumbered 108N. The new route will run via the Tapiolansilta bus stops between Westendinasema and Tuuliniitty.

Changes to bus stops from 12 August

Routes 500 and 510 will not serve the following stops served by routes 58 and 551 along their shared section of route:

Ÿ "Eläintarha" H2074/H2109
Ÿ "Paciuksenkaari" H1386/H1387.

Route 500 will not serve the following stops served by route 58 in the Herttoniemi industrial area.
Ÿ “Mekaanikonkatu 7" H4173
Ÿ "Mekaanikonkatu 10” H4174
Ÿ “Sahaajankatu 33” H4227/H4228.

Route 510 will not serve the following stops served by route 551:
Ÿ "Gert Skytten puisto" H1408/H1409
Ÿ "Otaranta" E2203/E2204
Ÿ "Vuorimies" E2211 / E2212
Ÿ "Tekniikantie" E2210
Ÿ "Itäranta" E2026/E2027

In addition, at Aalto University metro station in Otaniemi, bus 510 will serve bays 12 (“Aalto-yliopisto” (M)”, E2230) and 13 (“Aalto-yliopisto (M)”, E2225) instead of bays 10 and 11 served by route 551.

The timetables and routes of the new buses and trunk routes are already available in the Journey Planner (search date after 12 August).
All HSL’s route maps are available on the Route maps page. Printable winter timetables for all bus routes, including the new trunk routes, are available on our Printable timetables page.

A number of other changes will take place on 12 August, read more in the bulletins.

Trunk route network in autumn 2019

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