Changes to commuter train services from 12 August

N and K trains

From 12 August, K trains will stop at all intermediate stations. In others, the trains will start stopping at Käpylä, Pukinmäki and Tapanila. At the same time, N trains will be withdrawn and replaced by K trains. After this, all main line trains, I, P, K and T, will stop at all intermediate stations. K train journey times will increase by about one minute.

The change will significantly improve the level of service in Käpylä, Pukinmäki and Tapanila, with trains running every five minutes instead of every 10 minutes Monday to Friday. The change will also facilitate interchanging between commuter trains and bus services running via Ring Road I at Pukinmäki.

In addition, the change will facilitate service operation in cases of services disruptions.

Y trains

From 12 August, Y trains will stop at Kauklahti. Number of passengers has increased on coastal line trains and the change is made to help redistribute passenger numbers between U and Y trains. The change will help solve the capacity problem on U trains as part of passengers getting on or off at Kauklahti can alternative use Y trains.

I trains

A new night time service, departing from Helsinki at 0.36 every day, will be added. The train will depart from Tikkurila to Helsinki Airport at 0.55am and from the airport to Myyrmäki at 1.03am.

The new commuter train timetables and routes are available in the Journey Planner. Printable timetables for winter 2019-2020 are available here.

Commuter train services from 12 August