Neighborhood route 702 rerouted in Pukinmäki and Tapaninvainio from 12 August

There will be changes to neighborhood route 702 from 12 August. The bus will be rerouted in Pukinmäki to run via Erkki Melartinin tie. In Tapaninvainio, the bus will run from Kirkonkyläntie to Uimarannantie directly along Tapaninvainiontie, i.e. the bus will no longer run via Syystie, Salavatie, Haapatie and Katajamäentie.

The number of passengers boarding the bus along the withdrawn section of the route in Tapaninvainio has been very low. The call at Erkki Melartinin tie is added because there is no suitable place for passengers to alight and board at close to the junction of Säveltie and Erkki Melartinin tie.

Linja 702 alkaa tehdä Pukinmäessä piston Erkki Melartinin tielle. Tapaninvainiossa ajetaan suoraan Tapaninvainiontien kautta .