Tram routes 7 and 9 diverted in Itä-Pasila 29 July-11 August

Tram routes 7 and 9 will be diverted in Itä-Pasila 29 July to 11 August due to track work at the intersection of Asempäällikönkatu, Pasilansilta and Ratapihantie. The works are part of the consctruction of the new public transport terminal. The timetables of trams 7 and 9 will change at the same time. Timetable sheets at stops will not be updated because the installation of winter timetable information at stops will start already in early August. Up-to-date timetables and route information are available in the Journey Planner.

Tram 7 will run as usual to the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center, from where the tram will continue to Pohjolanaukio in Käpylä (terminus of tram 1). The tram sill serve the following stops along the diversion route: "Pyöräilystadion" (H0273 and H0274), "Koskelantie" (H0275 and H0276), "Kimmontie" (H0279 and H0280), "Käpylänaukio" (H0281 and H0282), "Metsolantie" (H0283 and H0284) and "Pohjolanaukio" (H0285). The tram will not serve the section of route from Radanrakentajantie to Pasila station and the following stops will not be served: "Radanrakentajantie" (H0617 and H0618), "Kellosilta" (H0616), "Messukeskus" (H0614), "Pasilan asema" (H0612 and H0620) and "Asemapäällikönkatu" (H0662 and H0619).

Tram 9 will run as usual from the city center to Kaarlenkatu, from where it will run from Kallio to Asemapäällikönkatu, from where it will continue to its temporary terminus on Radanrakentajantie. From there, the tram will run along Mäkelänkatu and Sturenkatu to Urheilutalo,from where it will resume its normal route along Kaarlenkatu. The tram will serve the following stops along the diversion route: "Radanrakentajantie" (H0617), "Uintikeskus" (H0272), "Mäkelänrinne" (H0270), "Rautalammintie" (H0268), "Hattulantie" (H0266), "Roineentie" (H0264) and "Urheilutalo" (H0278). The tram will not serve the section of route between Asemapäällikönkatu and Pasila station and the following stops will not be served: "Helsinginkatu" (H0250), "Fleminginkatu" (H0652), "Sturenkatu" (H0654), "Kotkankatu" (H0656), "Pasilan konepaja" (H0658), "Jämsänkatu" (H0660), "Kellosilta" (H0616), "Messukeskus" (H0614), "Pasilan asema" (H0612 and H0620) and "Asemapäällikönkatu" (H0662).

Buses 50, 58, 59 and 551 run from Itä-Pasila to Teollisuuskatu. Passengers traveling from Pasila station to Konepaja and Alppiharju can use bus 23, while passengers going from eastern Itä-Pasila to Mäkelänkatu can be take tram 9.

Tram 2 will continue on diversion (to Meilahti). Replacement bus 2X continues to run between Lasipalatsi and Pasila station. The diversions will be in place until 11 August, after which tram 7 will operate a new route from Länsi-Pasila across Pasilansilta bridge to Asemapäällikönkatu and Ratamestarintie. In other words, tram 7 will in the future run via Messukeskus only in the direction of Länsi-Pasila. Trams 2 and 9 will resume their normal, old routes on 12 August and the replacement bus 2X will be withdrawn. 

The diversions are due to the construction of a new Pasila public transport terminal due to open in late October. The terminus of trams 2 and 7 will move from Länsi-Pasila to Pasila station.

Linjat 7 ja 9 poikkeusreitillä Itä-Pasilassa 29.7.-11.8.