Bus diversions in the center of Korso on Sunday 15 September due to a fair

Bus routes 587, 731N, 735, 736 and 739 will be diverted in the center of Korso on Sunday 15 September 3am to 8pm due to a fair.

The "Korson asema" (V8139 and V8140) and "Lumo" (V8142) bus stops will not be served. There will be temporary bus stops on Kotkansiipi by the Ruusuvuorenpolku overpass.

Diversion routes

  • Buses 587 and 735: Urpiaisentie – Korsontie – Kotkansiipi – Peltomyyränkuja
  • Bus 731N: Korsontie – Kotkansiipi – Urpiaisentie
  • Bus 736: Korsontie – Kotkansiipi – Peltomyyränkuja
  • Bus 739: Urpiaisentie – Korsontie – Kotkansiipi – Urpiaisentie

The buses will serve all bus stops along the diversion routes.