Minor changes to bus routes and timetables in Sipoo from Monday 23 September

There will be minor changes to the routes of buses 842 and 992 and to the timetables of buses 841, 992 and 994 in Sipoo from Monday 23 September.

Route changes:

  • Bus 842 will have a new departure and end stop in Eriksnäs. The bus will depart from and terminate at the "Metsokuja" stop (Si0838) instead of "Pyykuja" (Si0837).
  • Bus 992 will start to call at the Miili terminal instead of Opintie to enable pupils getting on time to the Neiti Miilintie branch of Sipoonlahti School. Opintie is at a reasonable walking distance from Uusi Porvoontie.

992 reittimuutos Opintieltä Miilin terminaaliin 23.9. alkaen

Timetable changes:

  • On route 841, two Mon-Fri morning services will start to depart earlier: the 7.08am service from Itäkeskus will in the future depart at 7.03am (from Söderkulla at 7.32am to Nikkilä) and the 8.03am service from Nikkilä will depart at 8am (the departure time from Söderkulla, 7.20am, will not change). The change is made to facilitate school journeys. In addition, the 2.05pm service from Nikkilä is operated with a bigger bus.
  • On route 992, the 7.12am and 8.12am school day services from Eriksnäs will be brought forward to 7.07am and 8.07am.
  • On route 992, a new 4.05pm service from Nikkilä will be added on school days to ensure transport links from Sipoo High School to Hindsby and Eriksnäs.
  • On route 994K, two new school day services will be introduced: 12.40pm from Söderkulla and 12.58pm from Gumbostrand (route 994).