Changes to bus stops in Nikkilä from 14 October

Two new bus stops will open on Iso Kylätie in Nikkilä on Monday 14 October. One stop will be closed.

The new stops are "Uudensillantie" Si2265 and Si2266. 
Stop Si2265 will be served by buses 785/K, 787, 788/B/K, 841/N, 983, 984/K, 985, 986/B, 987/B, 992 and 993/K. 
Stop Si2266 will be served by buses 841/N, 984/K, 992 and 993/K.

The "Urheilutie" stop Si2226 will be closed. The stop has been served by buses 841/N, 984/K, 992 and 993/K.