Changes to trunk routes 500 and 510 in Vallila and Itä-Pasila from 21 October

There will be changes to trunk bus routes 500 and 510 in Vallila from 21 October. The buses will be rerouted from Teollisuuskatu to Aleksis Kiven katu. In addition, there will be changes to the stops served by the routes at Pasila station when the new station opens on 17 October.

Changes on 17 October

From 17 October, trunk routes 500 and 510 will serve the bus stops on Pasilansilta in front of the main entrance to the new Pasila station. There will be a covered access to these stops from the station. The stops will be numbered bay 31 (H2100) and bay 36 (H2101).

The stops will be named "Pasilan asema" or Pasila station. The buses will also serve the stops with the same name located on  Asemapäällikönkatu until 20 October.

Changes on 21 October

Trunk routes 500 and 510 will be rerouted to run via Aleksis Kiven katu instead of Teollisuuskatu.

From 21 October, the buses will no longer serve stops H2164 and  H2137 on Asemapäällikönkatu.

To read more about changes to public transport with the opening of the new Pasila station, see

Changes to bus stops

From 17 October, trunk routes 500 and 510 will serve the following stops on Pasilansilta::

  • "Pasilan asema" H2100 and H2101 (bays 31 and 36)

From 21 October, trunk routes 500 and 510 will serve the following stops on Aleksis Kiven katu:

  • "Sipoonkatu" H2131 and 2132
  • "Sturenkatu" H0654 and H0655
  • "Fleminginkatu" H0653 and H2156
  • "Junatie" H2159 for westbound buses (at the east end of Dallapénpuisto on the Aleksis Kiven katu side)

From 21 October, trunk routes 500 and 510 will not serve the following stops on Teollisuuskatu, Kumpulantie and Asemapäällikönkatu:

  • "Pasilan asema" H2137 and H2164 on Asemapäällikönkatu (current bays 28 and 29)
  • "Jämsänkatu" H0661 and H2172
  • "Pasilan konepaja" H2173 and H2174
  • "Telekatu" H2175 and H2176
  • "Päijänteentie" H2177 and H2178
  • "Junatie" H2179 for westbound buses (instead, the buses will serve the "Junatie" stop H2159 at the east end of Dallapénpuisto on the Aleksis Kiven katu side)

Changes to bus stops for trunk routes 500 and 510 in Vallila and Itä-Pasila from 21 October

Trunk routes from 21 October (click to open a larger map):