Some trains not stopping at Ilmala 26-28 October

Some trains will not stop at Ilmala over the weekend of 26-27 October as well as on the night of Sunday 27 October due to the construction of Pasila station and the surrounding area. 

The following trains will not stop at Ilmala:

  • On Saturday 26 October 11.10pm-11.40pm: L and I trains to Helsinki
  • On the night of Saturday 27 October 1.25am-6am: L, I and P trains in both directions
  • Sunday 27 October 6am-11.40pm: A and L trains to Helsinki
  • Sunday 27 October 9.50am-11.40pm: I trains to Helsinki
  • On the night of Sunday 27 October 1.10am-5am: L, I and P trains in both directions

Alternative transport links

Take bus 23, 23N or 59 at the "Ilmalanrinne" or "Ilmalantori" stop to Pasila station and change to train.

Train, when only trains to Helsinki are not stopping at Ilmala:
If going from Ilmala to Pasila or Helsinki, first take a train to Huopalahti and change to a train going to Helsinki
If going from Huopalahti to Ilmala, change trains at Pasila (change to a train going in the opposite direction).