Buses 113, 113N, 212 and 213N rerouted in Laajalahti from 2 December

Buses 113, 113N, 212 and 213N will be rerouted in Laajalahti from Monday 2 December. The new route is Ring Road, Turvesuontie, Kirvuntie, Antreantie. The buses will not run along Kurkijoentietä. The Laajalahti School bus stops (E1203 and E1204) will no longer be served and the "Raivaaja-aukio" bus stops (E1205 and E1206) will be relocated.

There will be minor changes to the timetables for the routes.

The change is due to the construction of the Jokeri light rail line and Ring Road I. The map below shows the old route in red and the new route in green.

Kartta linjojen 113, 113N, 212 ja 213N reittimuutoksesta