Changes to the timetables for R, D and Z trains from 15 December

There will be changes to early morning, peak-time and late evening timetables for R, D and Z trains from Sunday 15 December. NEw late evening and weekend services will be introduced. 

The new timetables are already available in the Journey Planner.

New timetables in pdf-format

The following new evening services will be introduced:

There will be three new R train services to Helsinki every evening. R trains from Riihimäki to Helsinki will run every 30 minutes until 11.26pm. The 11.56pm R train will be withdrawn but a new 0.26am service from Riihimäki will be added.

Z train services will be increased: there will be a Z train from Helsinki to Lahti at 11.59pm every day, as well as a 1.25am train on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition, a new 0.30am service from Lahti to Helsinki will start operating on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Changes to timetables

There will be changes to train timetables and journey times due to changes to rolling stock.

Trains from Riihimäki 6am-8am (trains in bold depart earlier than before):
6.19am/R, 6.43am/D, 6.56am/R, 7.07am/D, 7.26am/R, 7.36am/D, 7.56am/R

Trains from Helsinki to Riihimäki between 3.30pm and 5pm:
3.35pm/R, 3.50pm/D, 3.54pm/R, 4.10pm/R, 4.30pm/R, 4.50pm/D

Please note that there will be also other changes to the timetables, use the Journey Planner to check the timetables.

High-floor trains:

The Mon-Fri 6.19am/R, 7.07am/D and 7.36am/D trains from Riihimäki as well as the 3.54pm/R, 4.30pm/R and 4.50pm/D trains from Helsinki will be high-floor. In addition, The 3.53am T train from Riihimäki and 1.51am train from Helsinki will be high-floor as before.