Changes to bus stops on Ring Road I in Laajalahti in 3, 4 and 10 February

There will be changes to traffic arrangements in Laajalahti and to bus stops on Ring Road I due to the construction of the Jokeri light rail line.

On Monday 3 February, the "Kurkijoentie" bus stop (E1215) for westbound buses will be relocated some 100 meters southward to the other side of the underpass.

The stop for eastbound buses (E1201) will be relocated on Monday 10 February to the middle of the carriageway. The stops are served by trunk route 550 and routes 113, 113N, 212, 213N and 555.

Kartta siirtyvistä pysäkeistä

The "Laajaranta" bus stop (E1218) will be closed from Tuesday 4 February. The stop has been served by route 555 to Martinlaakso. The closest stop is stop E1216 at the junction of Turvesuontie.

Kartta poistuvasta pysäkistä E1218