Bus stop announcement to be introduced on buses in Tuusula, Kerava and Sipoo this week

Bus stop announcements are expanding to Tuusula, Kerava and Sipoo this week. The announcements are introduced on buses operated from Kerava depot and from Laukkoski and Söderkulla depots in Sipoo. Nearly all bus services in the three municipalities are operated from these depots. In addition, bus routes operated from the depots include routes serving Vantaa, Helsinki and Järvenpää. Stop announcements tell the name of the next stop in Finnish and Swedish a moment before the bus arrives at the stop. The announcements are introduced on about 70 buses this week.

Bus stop announcements will be rolled out in phases across the HSL area over the spring, one operator at a time. Information on route-specific commissioning will be provided on the HSL.fi website as well as on bus stop displays on the respective routes. By introducing the announcements in stages, it is possible to adjust equipment based on feedback received from passengers and drivers if necessary. After commissioning, all HSL public transport services, including the metro, trams, commuter trains and buses, will have a public announcement system in place as a part of HSL's passenger information system.

The Helsinki Council on Disability rewarded the announcements on trunk bus routes and trams with an accessibility award in 2018.  Stop announcements improve the accessibility of public transport.

Bus routes operated from the Laukkoski, Söderkulla and Kerava depots:

633N, 641, 642, 643, 643N, 665, 665N, 738, 785, 786, 787, 841, 841N, 842, 843, 964, 972, 973, 975, 976, 977, 978, 982, 984, 985, 986, 987, 989, 992, 993, 994, 995, 996