Reduced Metro and tram service from Wednesday 18 March

The Metro and trams operate a reduced service from Wednesday 18 March due to smaller demand and shortage of staff.

Metro timetables

From 18 March, the Metro operates to the summer 2019 timetables.

First Metro services                  Mon-Fri          Sat             Sun

From Matinkylä to Vuosaari       05:09              05:09         06:09

From Tapiola to Mellunmäki      06:00              06:00         06:37

From Vuosaari to Matinkylä       05:05              05:15         06:15

From Mellumäki to Tapiola        05:20              05:20         06:20

From Itäkeskus to Matinkylä      05:11              05:21         06:21

From Itäkeskus to Vuosaari       04:54               05:04        06:04

From Itäkeskus to Mellunmäki   05:09               05:09        06:09

Last services:

From Matinkylä to Vuosaari   23:09

From Tapiola to Mellunmäki  23:20

From Vuosaari to Matinkylä   23:05

From Mellunmäki to Tapiola  23:00

From Itäkeskus to Matinkylä  23:11

From Itäkeskus to Vuosaari   23:43

From Itäkeskus to Mellunmäki 23:48

The Metro runs Mon-Fri 6.30am to 8pm and Sat 10am to 8pm

  • every 3-4 minutes between Tapiola and Itäkeskus
  • every 7.5 minutes between Tapiola and Matinkylä, Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki and between Itäkeskus and Vuosaari

At other times, the Metro runs

  • every 5 minutes between Tapiola and Itäkeskus 5
  • every 10 minutes between Tapiola and Matinkylä, Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki and between Itäkeskus and Vuosaari

Mon-Fri about 7am to 9am and 3pm to 7pm, the Metro runs every 7.5 minutes on both lines. Between Tapiola and Itäkeskus, the headways are 3-4 minutes. At other times, the Metro runs every 5 minutes between Tapiola and Itäkeskus.

Tram timetables

From 18 March, trams operate a Saturday service Monday to Friday. Tram 5 does not operate.

Check the Saturday timetables in the HSL Journey Planner. Enter a route number in the search field and click on the route to view the timetables.