D and R trains to run a reduced peak-time service from 14 April

The following D and R trains will be cancelled between 14 April and 14 June due to the coronavirus epidemic:

Monday to Friday

Riihimäki 6.19am – Helsinki 7.19am
Riihimäki 7.07am – Helsinki 8.02am
Riihimäki 7.36am – Helsinki 8.31am

Helsinki 3.54pm – Riihimäki 4.59pm
Helsinki 4.30pm – Riihimäki 5.34pm
Helsinki 4.50pm – Riihimäki 5.45pm.
D trains from Hämeenlinna at 6.19am (from Riihimäki at 6.43am) to Helsinki and from Helsinki at 3.50pm to Hämeenlinna will operate.