Bus routes 50, 55, 56 and 59 diverted in Kalasatama 15-18 May

Työpajankatu will be closed to traffic between Vanha talvitie and Hermannin rantatie for excavation works from 15 May to 18 May. Bus routes 50, 55, 56 and 59 will be diverted.

Buses 55 and 56 will be diverted to run from Työpajankatu via Vanha talvitie to Hermannin rantatie.

The "Kalasatama (M)" (H3004 and H3005) bus stops on Työpajankatu and the "Agroksenkuja" (H3006) stop on Hermannin rantatien in the direction of Kalasatama will not be served.

Buses 55 and 56 will use a temporary stop, H3520, on Vanha talvitie in the direction of Kalasatama and Rautatientori. In the direction of Koskela and Kannelmäki, the buses will serve stop H3541 on the same street. In addition, buses 55 and 56 will serve the "Vanha talvitie" (H3002 and H3003) stops on Työpajankatu.

The terminus for route 56 marked on the map with number 1 will be served despite the diversion.

Buses 50 and 59 will be diverted to run from Työpajankatu via Vanha talvitie (and Verkkosaarenkatu) to Hermannin rantatie.

Buses 50 and 59 will serve the "Vanha talvitie" (H3002 and H3003) stops on Työpajankatu also served by route 55 and 56. On Vanha talvitie, buses 50 and 59 will only serve stop H3520 in the direction of Maunula and Pajamäki. In the other direction (Kalasatama Metro Station), the buses will run to Hermannin rantatie via Verkkosaarenkatu.

Diversion route of buses 55 and 56 and temporary changes to bus stops in the area 15-18 May:

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