Cancellations to E train services and changes to the timetables of U and L trains on 17 May

There will be changes to E, U and L train services due to track work in Pasila on Sunday 17 May. Some E trains will be cancelled and there are changes to the departure times of U and L trains.

There will also be change to departure platforms at Pasila station: platforms 7-9 will be closed from Saturday 16 May 11.30pm to Monday 18 May 5am, E and U trains will use platforms 10 and 11.

Changes on Sunday 17 May:

E trains

  • E trains from Helsinki at 12.27pm, 1.27pm, 2.27pm, 3.27pm, 4.27pm, 5.27pm, 6.27pm, 7.27pm and 9.27pm are cancelled.
  • E trains from Kauklahti at 1.03pm, 2.05pm, 3.05pm, 4.05pm, 5.05pm, 6.05pm, 7.05pm, 8.05pm and 10.05pm are cancelled.

L trains

  • The 9.03am L train from Helsinki will depart three minutes later than usual at 9.06am.
    However, from Leppävaara onwards the train will run as usually, departing from Leppävaara at 9.23am.
  • L trains from Kirkkonummi normally departing at 5.58am, 6.58am and 7.28am will run seven minutes later than usual.
  • The 7.58am L train from Kirkkonummi will depart 11 minutes later than usual at 8.09am.

U trains

  • U trains from Helsinki normally departing at 11.42am, 1.42pm, 2.42pm, 3.42pm, 4.42pm, 5.42pm, 6.42pm and 8.42pm will run four minutes later than usual.

Please listen to station announcements and see station displays for up-to-date information. Information about public transport and the coronavirus is available via this link.